Sunday, February 28, 2010

PhD Application Results


New Mexico: Yes with funding

Washington State: Yes with funding

Illinois: No

That works.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

PhD Applications

Welp, hope springs eternal. I was so tired and overwhelmed this past semester that I did not even start looking at applications until January 1 rolled around. So, I was only able to complete 3 applications. Good news is, two of them were first pick schools. I have submitted applications for:University of New Mexico at AlbuquerqueWashington State University (in Pullman)University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

This is my third (yes, you read that right) time applying to Illinois so it is my long shot school. Yes, I know the weather is horrible but there are several faculty members who I would adore to work with in my studies.

Washington State was recommended to me by the graduate advisor of my master's program. It is my second choice since I actually don't know much about the program although it sounds good and I would actually only be 5 hours away from my sister. So, it has its perks.

New Mexico is my absolute first choice school. There are several faculty members I would love to work with, including a woman who's 1998 article changes the direction of my studies when I read it my second year of grad school. I wish I would have emphasized that in my letter of interest but c'est la vie. I also have a friend already in the PhD program there who I would love to be around again, she pushes me to be better. And my other dear friend who is sadly living way too far away in Half Moon Bay right now (miss you!) also applied. I am hoping we both get in so I can roll with a super cool posse again. Plus, to be frank, New Mexico would be better weather and it is a higher probability that some of my friends from Cali would actually come out to visit.

And, the president of my alma mater (where I currently teach part time) has a 'dear friend' in charge of the Master's program there and the president offered to shoot her an email to mention she knows me and that I would make a great addition to their program! How this came about is another story for another day but hey, I will take any help I can get. Even though the friend is not on the selection committee, the faculty has to talk right? Just like how I got my jobs this past year, getting into a PhD program is all about who you know.

So, my dream scenario is that I get accepted to two programs and get to fly out to meet the people and check out the campuses and then have to make a choice. But frankly, getting accepted to one program would be enough for me.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Today at the gym, interspersed among the other crap I had to suffer through, I was able to do three sets of 15 pushups with out taking a break before number 15. That's with my feet up on the bench too.

Yeah, okay, I struggled with the last 5 on the last set but I didn't stop.

That's a first for me and a far cry from when I first started and couldn't make it to 5 on the first set.

I am learning not to hate pushups.