Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Obviously, the internet has not been turned off yet, lucky me. And guess who has two thumbs and finished a draft of thesis chapter 3?

That's right, me! One more chapter to go, suppose to get it done by 5:00, it will be very close.

In additional news: I tried oatmeal again this morning and on Christa's suggestion, added some maple syrup (the real stuff since that is what we had in the house). The taste was much better but I don't think I added enough water when I was microwaving it - it was a little dry. Will try again tomorrow.

I discovered that half a lime in my water bottle was too much citrus. I was having some acid reflux and...some other problems that I won't share the details of (You're welcome). I now add just a teaspoon to my water bottle and the results are much better. My digestive track is happier and I discovered that it is surprisingly sweet when it is a hint of lime rather than the amount I was adding before.

Okay, well my break is almost over. I will keep you posted.

Monday, June 29, 2009


So the interwebs are not cut off yet, so I will post before it does and I head to school to work.

In addition to cutting artificial sweeteners and caffeine from my diet, I am also back to writing down everything I put in my mouth, a la Weight Watchers, and counting calories. To save calories, I am eating a lot of veggies, and I do mean A LOT. I have also switched to supposedly healthy for you oatmeal for breakfast instead of my usual soy logs on toast (I'll post about that some other day).Well, if you know me at all, you know my distaste for oatmeal. I used to keep the instant packages of oatmeal in my desk at both jobs as it was a quick meal if I was short on time and stores well. Convenient size too. But old fashion oatmeal or eating it by choice - hells to the nos!

Maybe it has to do with the experiment in elementary school of keeping meal worms but when I go to scoop up the dry oats, I always look for meal worms. And if that isn't unappetizing enough for you, I always think that cooked oatmeal looks like vomit in a bowl. And has about the same texture. Not going to go into a detailed description but lets just say that I sometimes have the uncomfortable feeling of food rising in my gorge in the middle of eating oatmeal because of the damn texture. So yeah, I'll choke it down but you can't make me enjoy it.

So I did. Made it in the microwave with rice milk instead of water. Not sure if I will keep this up. I may resort to making cream of wheat, which doesn't bother me as much.

Damn food texture issue of mine...

later, have to go back to writing. I hate my life.

The Interwebs

is going down tomorrow. I have to go to school to be online. We are switching service, hopefully we will not be without internet for very long.



Sunday, June 28, 2009


Thurs: Made progress on Ch. 3 but not done
Friday: Worked on Ch. 3, got frustrated and finished Ch. 2 instead
Saturday: Took the day off (May be a mistake in the long run but I needed it
Bonus: Got my chapter 4 back from my chair. Better but still needs work
Sunday: Aiming to finish Ch.1 and make more progress on 3.

New schedule
Monday: rewrites on Ch. 4
Tuesday: Prep all four chapters, go see chair for help with Ch. 3 (possibly) Send chapters to my proofreaders (LAbookgal and T3)
Wednesday: Write Ch. 5, all chapters to chair

Later and later...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

30 Day Challenge

So I don't think anyone is actually reading my blog anymore but I will continue to post for myself. (neener, neener neener)

I have started reading a new blog called The Great Fitness Experience(TGFE). I really like it. Today's post was about what people drink in their water bottles at the gym which could also easily be titled, "The Evils of Drinking Artificial Coloring and Sweeteners" post.

Add this post to the experience I had this weekend: I was sitting on the couch between Ms. B and T3 and a commercial for Crystal Light came on the TV. Simultaneously, both of them started in about how Crystal Light is nothing but a bunch of chemicals and artificial sweeteners and just crap.

I had to speak up in my own defense. I just don't like the taste of water. Even filtered, it tastes like dirt to me and I do not have pica. In fact, I am so bad at drinking water that I use to dehydrate myself at least once a summer when I was in my mid-twenties. Not fun.

Enter the plastic water bottle and crystal light packets. I know that there is also some controversy if the reusable plastic water bottles are releasing toxins into your water but I will take my chances. I digress - not unusual.

Adding the crystal light packets are the only why I can manage to drink enough water to stay hydrated. I water down the mix since the recommended mixture is like drinking syrup - I add one small packet to a 32 oz. bottle when Crystal Light recommends an 8 oz. bottle - shyeah right! By adding these packets, I usually drink two bottles a day - at least 64 oz., not including my morning cup of tea and anything else that catches my fancy. That's an improvement.

But with all the crap I have received and read recently, I am entering a 30 day challenge (modeled after TGFE). I have decided to try to cut back on the artificial sweeteners I ingest each day for a month.

I have the occasional diet soda, so that is not an issue for me. I am also cutting back on my caffeine, so I can def. cut back on the Splenda I use in my morning tea. When I do decide to have tea, I now actually use a teaspoon to measure the Splenda instead of dumping several spoonfuls into the cup - hey, my one sweet tooth splurge is sweet drinks - whatev', don't judge me.

Instead of using the crystal light packets, I will be using limes to flavor my water. Armed with my trusty polycarbonate water bottle, a couple pounds of limes from Costco and a Mexican Lemon squeezer, I will attempt to severely decrease my artificial sweetener intake. The occasional drink will happen but I will be interested to see if cutting back on artificial sweeteners will assist in my quest to lose the weight I gained back during grad school (my love handles are out of control right now - I just know how to dress to hide that fact) as artificial sweeteners are suppose to trigger appetite.

I'll post results periodically. Now, back to the thesis! It is down to one chapter a day now to have a 'complete' thesis by Monday. Yikes! Finished Ch. 4 last night, my schedule is as follows:

Today (Thurs.): Finish rewrites Ch. 3
Friday: Rewrites Ch. 1
Sat: Rewrites Ch. 2, print 1-4, proofread and submit hardcopy to chair
Sun: Write Ch. 5 my conclusion, submit all to chair
Mon: rework any notes and send 1-4 to complete committee with Chair approval


Monday, June 22, 2009


It takes me a while to get into the mindset I need to write. There is a part of me that knows I am procrastinating but then there is another part of me that says,

"Get everything that is distracting you out of the way and then buckle down and write! If you are not distracted by thinking about other stuff then you can get done what you need to."

Sometimes that is playing an online game that I was really into for a while. Now it is checking the blogs I read. And making sure that I am comfortable. What ever it is, I need to buckle down, I don't have that much time left.

P.S. I need this pet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Las Vegas!

My favorite quote from this weekend:

"You know we've gotten old when instead of aspirin and Tylenol, we carry Zanex and lactaid in our bags." - Chrispy


I woke up with a headache today. When my dad asked how I felt this morning and I told him, his response was, "Well, you're on schedule." Wednesday...that's about right."

Ummm, so there is a pattern to my headaches? I wasn't aware of that...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


You know you should really go to bed when you have to call yourself to figure out where your cell phone isonly to discover you left it in the bathroom.

Yeah, this is my life.

3 Nightmares

I just woke up from having three short nightmares in a row. I feel like crap.

The first nightmare was that I sent the analysis chapter of my thesis to one of my committee members to look over before I sent it to my chair to evaluate (that would never happen BTW) and his response was, "So basically you didn't say anything for an entire chapter."

That segued immediately into a nightmare two, where I went out to breakfast with a colleague the first day of school and then all of a sudden realized it was 8 a.m. and I was late to go teach and didn't have any of my paperwork/lecture notes with me to go straight to school.

After a few sidetracks, nightmare three began. I finally started walking to school to try to get to my classroom before any of the students went to the department chair. I set out along Erringer to go to school (wtf? - that's not the way to school) but was having trouble walking. It was like I was sludging through wet sand and cement. But I had to get there so even though my muscles burned with exhaustion and my thighs were weak and shaking from the pain, I kept trying to get there even though I was already a half hour late.This is when I woke up. With my legs aching BTW. Freaky. Do you think someone is feeling inadequate at all?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today's Thought

Is it wrong that I kind of love the fact that I get to write fuck in my thesis at least three times since I am quoting the film?

Monday, June 08, 2009

New Low

I rented a movie from Blockbuster the other night. What I rented is not important - not relevant to the story. The total for the rental came to $3.24. I handed the young man behind the counter a five dollar bill to cover the cost. He hit the button to put the money in the register. But before he was able to do so, his coworker asked him a question. Apparently, this distracted him so much that when he turned back to the register, he had to use a calculator to figure out how much change to give me back. From a five dollar bill, for a cost of $3.24.

Now, I can give him the benefit of the doubt. It was about a quarter after nine at a movie rental store on a Saturday night. Maybe he was tired... I prefer this explanation to thinking that this young man - maybe still in high school but I doubt it - can't mentally figure out the change due without the register telling him. Let's look at how easy this mental process would be, shall we?

Okay, bill is $3.24. Customer hands you $5.00. Round the bill to 3 and a quarter. Add 75 cents to make the total $4. That means you need $1.75 in change. Then add back in the 1 cent you rounded the bill up by. Change is $1.76.

It probably took me longer to type that up then it would take to mentally work through this. If we as a society cannot process simple math for a transaction like this, how in the heck are we suppose to fix the economy?

I don't mean to sound like an old geezer but if this is the future of our nation, I weep.