Monday, July 31, 2006


Tick tock, tick tock,
under the knife at 1 o'clock.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Viva Las Vegas!

Had a great trip with T3. Course, the road wasn't empty like this. We made great time Friday evening, only 4.5 hours up. Today was a different story. Bad accident 4 miles from the border. We left around 10:30 in the morning, rolled into town around 7.

It must be said, T3 has earned the gold medal in friendship. I had to remove my contact since my second surgury is tomorrow. She carted my butt to and from Las Vegas, mad props to my girl.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Afternoon

Computer problems suck.

Friday Morning

It's morning already?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


What I brought to work with me today.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

Party Girl Presents, Part II

Okay, it took me a while to dig up the play list for 2004. I have a copy of the CD but not the cover artwork that has the name of the songs and I know that I call a couple of the songs the wrong thing – much to my brother’s annoyance.

Party Girl Presents
August 2004

Intro Party Girl Gets You Started
Naughty Girl [Remix] Beyounce feat, Lil' Flip
When I Get You Alone Thicke
Let's Get it Started Black Eyed Peas
Blue Skies, Part I [Extended] BT feat. Tori Amos
Blue Skies, Part II [Remix edit] BT feat. Tori Amos
Interlude A Very Stylish Girl
Waiting for You Seal
Bouncing Off the Walls Sugercult
What's My Age Again? Blink 182
Brand New Day Sting
Human Nature Madonna
Are you In? Incubus
Get Mine, Get Yours [Spanglish Version] Christina Aguilera
She's Countrywide [digiJAUN's People Skills Mix]

The actual CD for this one is an orange picture but the cover art, as you can see, is green. I didn't realize that I had selected a green cover both years until T3 showed me the 2004 cover (Thanks for the lend). Ironically, Green is not my favorite color. I think I had the most fun with this CD.

After some reflection, I decided that I would try a slightly different tact for the 2006 CD. Borrowing form Chrispy, I have selected a song for each of my friends and then rounded out the CD with a couple songs that talk about my year. I think that I will skip the “I Can See Clearly Now” until I am sure that everything else goes smoothly with the next two procedures. But thanks for the suggestion Ms. S.

You’ll have to wait until August to find out what is on this year’s CD. (And yes, once again, I selected a green cover. At least I'm consistent.) But I think it will be worth the wait.

If you missed the post for last year's CD here it is.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I was in the cafeteria today and I have a couple questions that I am hoping one of my readers can help me with.

Being a most of the time vegetarian, I just don’t find turkey appealing. Today I was standing in the lunch line behind a guy who got the roasted turkey. When he was offered gravy for the turkey, he accepted.

So here are my questions, isn’t turkey suppose to be a healthy choice for a meal? Then doesn’t adding gravy to the dish make the health benefits of eating turkey moot? Is turkey tasty all on it’s own without adding anything? I always thought that turkey was tasteless but I haven’t had turkey in a long time. Or maybe I have just never had well prepared turkey…


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ah yes, my favorite time of night. Insomnia has struck again.

I swear that it’s inherited. It is not uncommon, especially during the school year, for me to get up in the morning, or even the middle of the night, and find my mom reading or sleeping on the couch because she woke up in the middle of the night. My big brother also has a hard time falling asleep at night. I guess we all have too much going on in our minds to sleep.

I usually try several things to help me go back to sleep. I hit the bathroom, in case it is my bladder keeping me awake and I’m not aware of it. I’ll get a drink of water or even a slice a bread to put something in my body to get me back to sleep. I’ll open a window to change the temperature in my room.

I’m most successful with the trip to the bathroom or eating the slice of bread. Some nights however, I get to watch the clock change until my alarm goes off. That would be tonight.

Sometimes I read until the alarm goes off. I keep a couple books on my headboard. (It’s a built in, so there is a shelf all the way across the top of my bed rather than a traditional flat vertical headboard.) And if those two books aren’t my cup of tea, I have plenty of other books in my room that can keep me busy.

I have even gone down to the living room and popped in a DVD from time to time.

Tonight though – or rather this morning – I am not in the mood to do any of those even though I would really like to go back to sleep or at least make the night pass faster. This morning, I am trying to figure out what my brain is lingering on that is not allowing me to sleep.

It’s the job. I’ve been frustrated before with the job, been spoken to about my attitude, figured out a way to not take it so seriously and gotten over myself so I can do my job. I’ve managed to find ways to keep myself busy so the inane nature of my job won’t get to me. I’m cycling back again though. I’m cycling back to being frustrated that my position is being ignored by my manager.

I don’t even take it personally. Really, I don’t. I mean, I joke that I’m the "red headed step child of accounting” and that “nobody likes me, which is why I am left off of the group emails” by my department. But really, it isn’t personal. I don't take it personally any more. There is just no one else in my department who concentrates on IS like I do. All the other people that hold the same position and title as I do, work on both IS and OS. And my manger came from OS, it’s her baby. She won a big award last year for her work with OS.

Little footnote, there is this legislature that pasted since the Enron scandal called the Sarbanes Oxley Act, or SOX for short. The SOX Act governs financial and accounting disclosures for businesses. And this is audited by an outside source, not just internally. My manager won the award for bringing OS into SOX compliance. 2006 is supposed to be the year that IS becomes compliant. It's July and not much has changed. I digress.

Its logical that OS gets more attention. One office pulls in more money through OS than all of the offices for IS combined. This is a business, you take care of your money makers.

What is frustrating to me is that there is no one that does my job besides me. I am expected to trouble shoot any and everything that pops up for IS. And I don’t mean to brag or sound conceded but I am very good at what I do. I take care of IS. And I have a reputation of being the person to go to for everything. And I mean everything, even office supplies.

Um, hello? I’m an accountant, not an office manager…

I could try to look at it as flattering. I’m competent and my manager knows she can ignore IS because I am taking care of it.

Except that there are problems that I don’t know how to solve. Or perhaps it is better to say, I know better than to try to solve on my own. See, here again there is this strange dichotomy in which I try to handle IS in house, not bother my boss, she finds out about it and asks why I did what I did and why she wasn’t contacted about it.

Maybe because you ignore my emails and I have to ask you three times for an answer and even then there is no guarantee that I will get one.

And you would think, that after I was gone for ONE WEEK on vacation and my onsite manager failed utterly to take care of any of my duties while I was gone, you would want to train someone to do my job. Nope, on Friday, my onsite manager, on instructions from our manager, started training me on OS duties. Yeah, ‘cuz like there is no one else to take care of OS if the other accountant gets sick.

Isn’t this counterintuitive? Yes, I see why they want me cross trained on OS. I get it, OS is very important at my company. In every other office, the accountant does OS and IS. My office is the only one that has two accountants, one for IS and one for OS. Wouldn’t to make sense, isn’t t logical that if you only have one person who concentrates on IS, you should train a second person to back that person up?

The irony about how my onsite manager failed to complete my duties while I was gone, I left him written instructions for much of it. On top of it, I ‘trained’ him for about two weeks before I left (around his other duties for OS, of course), so he had all sorts of notes written on the tasks he was to undertake. Grade: F

I know I am being vague, I don’t know if this post has made any sense. I need another vacation from work, that’s all there is to it.

It just sucks that when I take time off from work, I know that there will be double the amount of work for me to do upon my return. That doesn’t make for a very relaxing vacation. What the hell would they do if I actually took my two weeks vacation all at once?

I need a raise.

Friday, July 14, 2006

MMM, Granola

I’ve been getting up later and later each day to get ready for work. AS we all know, I am NOT a morning person. I’ve started taking my breakfast with me and eating it at my desk. If I am not too late, I’ll make myself some Malt o Meal, put it in Tupperware, mix in a little Splenda, grab a spoon and go. When I am running really behind, I grab a yogurt and some granola to put in it. This was a granola morning.

I have been taking a half a cup of the Trader Joe’s French Village Vanilla nonfat yogurt and mixing in a half cup of lowfat Vanilla Granola, also from Trader Joe’s. The granola is amazing, it has toasted almond slices as a part of it and the two together are wonderful. And the speed I am going to day… mmm granola….

Sorry for such a boring post today. I’ll get back on my game soon.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh Baby!

I’ve been very busy and tired since getting back from Mexico. Work has been especially painful, hence the lack of posting. But I have good news!

Last night, I finally opened up my brand new Macbook Pro that arrived while I was on vacation. As much as I love my Compaq Presario which has served me well over the past, oh 5 years or so, it’s getting tired and needs to be retired. (Although I plan on keeping it so I can play games on line – Chuzzle anyone?) I am very happy to have a laptop that does not have a pointer that randomly highlight stuff as I am scrolling past it. Part of the reason I rarely wrote and posted at home is that the cursor would jump as I was typing and I wouldn’t notice and then I would have to go back and try to figure out where I need to cut the new writing and move it….quite the pain in the butt.

At any rate, I am having a little problem getting my computer to join the wireless network at home right now but a have some great assistance (Thanks Zipper!) figuring it out and I am confident that I will be posting from home before I know it. So stay tuned and I will write something more interesting than this.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oh and one more thing...

Happy Fourth of July. I hope that your day and night were save and fun.

And hopefully, no moron with too much money and time on their hands hasn't lit our hills on fire this year.

Hogar, Dulce Hogar*

*Home, sweet home.

Ah yes, it is good to be back home. It was quite an adventure, mostly in a good way. I'm pretty tired, so I'll leave you with a short list of a few things I learned on the first day I was there.

1. My great uncle Ray was the first in our family to head to the U.S. He made the trip in 1905. So our family is heading into the second century of living in the states.

2. Faucets in Mexico are marked C for Caliente and F for Frio. I was so tired when we arrived that I briefly, I stress briefly, thought that the C and F stood for Celsius and Fahrenheit. How this would mean hot or cold... Like I said, I was tired.

3. You are not suppose to flush paper down the toilets in Mexico. Who knew? Not as gross as it might sound, at least not until I was at the airport to fly home.

4. We crossed one time zone and Mexico does not observe daylight savings time, so we were two hours behind LA.

5. Don't eat the lettuce. No, I didn't find out the hard way, I was warned not to eat the produce since you can never be too sure how pure the water used the wash the produce is.

6. Two tequilas + one New Mexico scholar = I had a new friend. A much older new friend.

7. Limonada rocks! Mexican lemons are small and green and are more flavorful that yellow lemons. The first drink I had when we arrived at the welcome banquet was a limonada in the foyer of the Hotel Moralez. Unfortunately, we were staying down the block at the Hotel Fenix.

More stories and details to come.